Social & Emotional Health

Wellness Committee


The Wellness Committee addresses comprehensive physical health and child development issues including screenings, assessment, and intervention. This encompasses primary health care, dental and immunization components for the Ionia County Great Start Collaborative Board.

Purpose Statement:

The Committee will provide a forum for physical health and related issues with the intent of creating locally based solutions. The committee will also provide choices and local available services for Ionia County families.


Scope of Work: The Wellness Committee will:

  • Initiate Physical Health education events for kids/ families, including training regarding identifying abuse and neglect prevention for children.
  • Coordinate an annual Parenting Awareness Activity to increase parent education on access to family supports for health.
  • Partner with the Health Department to expand distribution of prenatal smoking cessation promotion tool to pregnant mothers and smoking parents
  • Increase availability to wellness and child development assessments for children birth to three through the implementation of the Connections Program in partnership with the Health Department and medical providers
  • Participate in the community awareness campaign regarding the Affordable Care Act health care coverage availability.
  • Develop partnerships with local dental and physical health providers to increase health care access
  • Distribute pediatric dentistry access materials in Ionia County including dental health campaign materials
  • Update and maintain Social emotional resources information to cover access to resources for prevention of bullying, abuse, and neglect.
  • Improve families’ access to better nutrition through developing connections to farmers markets and food pantries, to assist with better nutrition and reduce child obesity.
  • Create Nutrition Night activities for families in partnership with ICGSC board members to address reducing obesity.
  • Support partnerships to provide healthy eating education and options for families to address the health priority of reducing obesity, including community gardens

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