Child Care & Early Education

School Readiness Committee


The School Readiness Committee includes the child care and early education component of the Ionia County great Start Collaborative board.

Purpose Statement:

The School Readiness Board provides a forum for early child care and education initiatives that support Ionia County parents’ increased understanding of the importance of their children’s early learning opportunities.

Chair: Amy Opperman  Vice Chair: Sally Kapteyn

Scope of Work: What we hope to accomplish?

  • Promote and expand joint recruitment opportunities and community partners to increase countywide preschool attendance.
  • Promote affordability by continuing Starfish Preschool Scholarship program
  • Increase number of 3 and 4 year olds attending quality preschool programs
  • Create tools to support transitions between preschool and kindergarten programming to strengthen the early Childhood system in Ionia County.
  • Develop county wide annual Professional Development schedule that provides free and low cost trainings for parents and providers to improve quality of early education experiences
  • Promote ICGSC website calendar for comprehensive early childhood training & activity information to expand availability to preschool caregivers
  • Partner with Regional Resource Center to provide local, quality training opportunities and supports
  • Establish the 0-3 Community of Practice to improve Quality of early education components in Ionia through a network focused on quality.
  • Improve referrals and partnerships with early childhood providers to assure children that need special education service have access to preschool programming to support their needs with quality early childhood programs.
  • Continue to provide Welcome Home baby packets in the community to offer families’ first connection to school readiness supports
  • Coordinate Preschool Partnership activities to increase access and awareness of school readiness supports available in the community for families.
  • Promote and support literacy through in- home programs (i.e. Dolly Parton Imagination Library, ready kits, Literacy Council, donation programs) to encourage parent engagement and learning for children.
  • Facilitate collaboration to increase evidence based playgroup activities.


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