Making Inclusion Work: Culturally Responsive Practices in Inclusive Environments

The Center for Exceptional Families at the University of Michigan – Dearborn invites you to join them for their annual conference emphasizing the benefits of culturally responsive practices used in transdisciplinary teaming to meet the diverse needs of all children and their families on Friday, May 1, 2015. Sessions will focus on the application of evidence based practices in education, health and human services.

Will Classism and Racism Doom FASD Prevention Efforts?

Will Classism and Racism Doom FASD Prevention Efforts?
This article by Ira J. Chasnoff argues that doctors are often resistant to ask “white, middle class women with private insurance” about their alcohol use during pregnancy.  “The physicians make it clear – that’s not the population at risk.  Understand that these attitudes stand in stark contrast to the data that repeatedly have shown through a number of national studies by [CDC and SAMHSA] that white, middle class women are the group of women most likely to drink alcohol during pregnancy.” – Psychology Today